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Name:Candice (candi or di)
Date of Birth: may 18
What is ur favorite thing about you? my friends, and my sense of humor
What r some of your fears?needles and huge ass roller coasters
What r some of ur hobbies? horse backriding(jumpers), swimming, watching tv(i'm an expert), going to the movies w/ friends, shopping, body boarding, going to the beach
Things You look for in other people:sense of humor, sweet, understanding
Things you dislike: needles (funny cause i want my second ear piercing lyke really bad), bitchyness, no sense of humor, annoying little bitches, orlando bloom, broccoli
Promote to one person or community (give exact link please)- gonna pass round to everyone!

What are your veiws on alcohol and drugs?
I believe that alcohol should be used moderatly cause i love drinks (margaritas) and sometime in your life at a party or something ur gonna get drunk but as long as you are responsible bout it....sure y not? drugs- NO NO NO NO

do you think ur Beautiful?
yes- think everyone should take pride in themselves and not look so much on the negative aspects of urself if any and look at the positive parts of your life. If you think you are beautiful it shows and that makes you beautiful. If you have a sense of humor, sweet, understandin, or help someone, that makes you beautiful.

Somthing random: I ♥ johnny depp and horses and apricots and icecream and sweet lou!
if my computer freezes one more time i'm gonna throw it out the window and feed it to my dogs

3 pictures please of urself and one of u and ur friends:
i dont really have any pics of me w/ my friends hope thats ok i just have pics of them
at the and my beefcakes
hiii hi3hi 4
at the show
at the show...look at my chicken arms ha
random: sam is so hot mwah!

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